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Full Version: NBA 2K21 Releases New Floor General Rewind Packs
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NBA 2K21 Floor General Rewind Packs for MyTeam Season 7 have shown up, bursting very effective gamers. Right here is all the information concerning the most recent Floor General Rewind Packs, consisting of the leading cards, expense, and accessibility.

[Image: j1on3UNmTYvwXRaWQ7l_bi5C91bwwVm7tSyxNRzs...authuser=0]

Last NBA 2K21 Rewind Packs are Floor General in Season 7

The Floor General Rewind Packs might hold several of the video game's greats, including the late Kobe Bryant, previous Lakers champion Magic Johnson, former NBA MVP Derrick Rose, and also ever bet the Pistons Give Hillside. Likewise, DM Jason Williams, GO Sarunas Marciulionis, PD Alvan Adams, Diamond Andre Iguodala are all brand-new cards in the Floor General Rewind Packs.

These Floor General Rewind Packs spotlight over 20 various gamers, including these brand-new cards:

• DM Kobe Bryant
• DM Magic
• DM D-Rose
• DM Grant Hill
• DM Jason Williams
• GO Sarunas Marciulionis
• GO Luka Doncic
• PD Alvan Adams
• Diamond Andre Iguodala

These Floor General Rewind Packs are just readily available for a restricted time. Fans require to grab the packs within 48 hours, or they'll lose out.

Floor General Rewind Packs Player Reviews

1). DM Kobe Bryant

The Kobe Bryant Dark Matter Unyielding is one of the top rewards offered in the release. It goes with over one million NBA 2k mt in auction listings and also includes some excellent qualities. Those include 99 Outside Rating and Playmaking and 98s for Within Scoring, Athleticism, and also Protecting. There's likewise 60 Hall of Popularity Badges to give assistance like Determined Shooter, Relentless Finisher, Ankle Breaker, as well as Clamps.

2). DM Jason Williams

The best player in the new Floor General Rewind Packs might be white delicious chocolate himself: Jason Williams. This DM version of Jason Williams has a whooping 99 general score. DM Williams should be able to establish cents for his teammates easily. He has 99 balls take care of, 99 passing precisions, 99 passing vision, and 99 passing IQ. He's additionally outfitted with 51 Hall of Fame badges: 10 for finishing, 16 for playmaking, 15 for capturing, and 10 for defense.

3). GO Sarunas Marciulionis

The following most remarkable gamer has to be GO Sarunas Marciulionis, at a 98 general score. GO Marciulionis is a well-rounded stud and also does not actually have a weak point. In GO Marciulionis' entire player profile, he only has 10 features that are below 85. He additionally has 98 offending consistency, 98 hands, 98 endurance, 95 3pt shot, and 95 driving layups.

Most recent pack and also card rates in MyTeam

1). For a possibility at those players over, head to the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Packs Market.

• Five-card pack: 11,250 Virtual Money or 15,750 MT.
• 10-pack box: 101,250 VC.
• 20-pack: 202,500 VC.

Remember, packs do not include a guarantee of a Rewind player. However, there's a player card in each pack.

2). Individual gamer cards are appearing offer for sale at the MyTeam Auctions location.

• Kobe's Invincible card has actually covered one million MT. His Out of Setting item goes for over 200,000 or closer to 300,000 MT.
• Magic's DM card opts for 190k MT on the PS4.
• Grant Hillside for about 150k MT.
• D-Rose for 100k MT.

You can still go here for various other news updates concerning the video game.
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